Quirky Lady


I met my best friend in elementary school and she is still my best friend to this day. I don’t know where I would be without her!


I have a bit of an obsession with movie theatre popcorn; it was a great day when Cineplex joined Uber Eats! 

Fancy Feet

I LOVE to have a fun and fancy pedicure at almost all times. I may look reserved, but my toes like to get fancy!

Sweet Tooth

I like my cocktails with a sugar rim, and, as a general rule, think that any cocktail that is red or pink hued is destined to be delicious.

R + R

If I want to really relax and unwind you can find me chin-deep in a bath full of Lush goodies with some chick-lit and music playing (and the “Champagne Toast” Bath & Bodyworks candle burning).

Introvert Vibes

I’m an INFJ and love to be social but also need alone time to recharge and reset. A friend of mine recently dubbed the feeling one gets after being with other people for an extended amount of time, with no downtime, as being an “introvert hangover.” Perfect description!

About Me

Lindsay Stead, Founder

A creative spirit by nature, and a business enthusiast by upbringing,  Lindsay is a digital marketing and communications professional with experience in sales, client relationship management, brand management, research marketing, web design, digital marketing and social media management. She graduated from Thompson River University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Social Sciences, with a focus on English. Lindsay currently runs Gilded Blooms Communications while also sharing her experience with her students as part of a marketing program at a local design school.

Lindsay is passionate about digital marketing and web design because it is the perfect marriage between her creative and innovative side and her organizational and business side. Her parents were driven for success and Lindsay watched their entrepreneurial endeavours growing up, with a keen (and quiet) interest; watching her parents carve out their own path, she knew that would follow in their footsteps and either become a teacher like her Mom, or a business owner like her Dad. In the end, she is fortunate to have taken a page out of both of their books and have her feet firmly planted in both worlds: as a teacher and an entrepreneur.

In her downtime, Lindsay thoroughly enjoys dancing around her kitchen to Disney Princess music with her two little girls and her husband (yes, he dances too!). She can often be found relaxing on the swing in her garden, whipping up cocktails with friends, or diving into popcorn with her husband. Lindsay favours “chick-lit” and “chick-flicks”, which she reads and watches with her Mom, baths filled with Lush goodies, and blasting music! With an affinity for all-things-girly, glitter, and floral, Lindsay is determined to spread positivity and happiness.


  • To work with Mom’s and Daughters in order to help them navigate social media safely, appropriately, and with an open line of communication.
  • Appear as a guest on The Social.
  • Appear as a guest on Ladygang.
  • To have a regular column in a magazine.
  • To do a house exchange in Spain for two months.
  • To buy a boat.



Ariana Grande

Break Free | Thank U, Next | Bang Bang | One Last Time

Ellie Goulding

How Long Will I Love You | Love Me Like You Do | Lights | Still Falling For You


Shake That | Drug Ballad | Lose Yourself 

Lady Antebellum

American Honey | Need You Now | I Run To You | Our Kind of Love

Pussycat Dolls

Don’t Cha | Stickwitu | I Don’t Need a Man | Jai Ho! | Wait a Minute

More Favourite's

Thinking Out Loud | Hold My Hand | Can’t Stop the Feeling | Marvin Gaye | Dear Future Husband | If I Die Young | Shut Up and Dance | Love Yourself | Red Rag Top | Wagon Wheel | Somethin’ Bad | Settlin’ | Shut Up + Dance


Copywriting & Copyediting


Content Creation


Customer Service


Digital Marketing


Lindsay Stead has been a great asset to my company. She is a team player and supporter. She always goes above and beyond to get her job done. I would highly recommend her for any of your online marketing or content creation. She is also kind, honest and reliable. I truly enjoy working with her!


Lindsay and I know each other from our time at the Social Media Academy. Lindsay is always expanding her knowledge and is a real hands-on worker. She is always trying to get the best result and this shows off in her work.

She knows how to work with her clients and does it very well.

I would highly recommend working with her!


Nice, thoughtful approach to social media strategy, looking at my question thoroughly and gave detailed actionable insights!