Restaurant Digital Marketing & Website

Restaurant Digital Marketing & Website

This client was opening a brand new restaurant locally, and wanted to create intrigue prior to opening, so they hired Gilded Blooms Communications to create their website, strategize and implement on how to best use their social media, and manage their online presence.

To start with, we wanted to bring the beautiful brick building that they were going to be located in across on their website, to help with their recognizability. We then created a palette based on their brand colours and brought those throughout all of their print and digital presences, in order to create a fluid brand experience.

Once the website was completed and we started getting active on their social media, things took off quite quickly. The client reported back that multiple people visited the restaurant on a daily basis, citing their Instagram presence as the reason they had heard about them and wanted to visit; the client also let us know that people loved their website and called it a “work of art.”

Due to our active social media presence and strategic hashtag use, we were picked up by multiple media outlets for free publicity. The restaurant was featured on human interest news pieces, local food reviewers with a cult-following, and was often contacted by food bloggers from other cities about being able to come and try the restaurant out, as well as in national newspaper articles.

We really appreciate all you have done for us.

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