Holistic Health & Wellness Coach Website

This client came to me for a refresh and revamp of her holistic wellness and coaching website. The client wanted to bring it to life and show her personality, we focused on maintaining the earthy feel, while showcasing her personality.

The client wanted to highlight the importance of the mind, body, and soul connection, which is represented through the use of the triangles; the
triangles represent the three key pillars in finding a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which is why we used the triangles as a key piece of symbolism. We also gave the blog section on this client’s website some extra love, as we refreshed her hero image and organized her latest posts. We wanted to make sure that the clients’ viewers could easily navigate the blog section and access her ample resources, so we set up the blog page to show the most recent blog posts; because the client
also appreciates organization and flow, we used custom CSS to equalize the column heights and made the thumbnail images for each blog post all the same size.

Overall, this project was designed to highlight the clients’ personality, and we wanted to capture the essence of that in her website. When we first spoke with the client about this project, her genuine spirit and keenness to help others really struck a chord with us. She was such a down to earth person and truly wanted to help other people improve their lives, so we wanted to give her the website of her dreams.

I just want my website to emulate my energy…I went to bed last night remembering how we ALL have our own unique gifts and was feeling grateful for you and your help thus far! So, thank you! -Cindy

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